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Community Resources

Resources for those who are grieving over the loss of a loved one, or know someone who is ...

Helpful documents to read, download, and print (pdf)

TIP Resource Guide

Helping Children with Grief
Communicating with Children about Disasters
What To Do When Death Enters the Life of a Child-Personal Rituals of Healing
What To Do When Death Enters the Life of a Child-Clichés To Be Avoided
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
SIDS Parents Need Reassurance
Helping Children Grieve
How To Cope After Tragedy Strikes-Tips for Teens
Helping Teenagers Cope After a Traumatic Event
Navigating Children's Grief
Children, Teens and Suicide Loss
101 Resources for Student Mental Health
Suicide Toolkit for Schools

Dealing with Loss/Traumatic Event
Is There Anything I Can Do to Help
Common Reactions Following a Traumatic Event
Effective Ways of Coping After a Traumatic Event
Grief - Practical Suggestions
Final Details-A Guide for Survivors When Death Occurs
Veteran's Benefits
Learn Psychology - Grief Awareness and Understanding
What's Your Grief?
Grief | Learn a Healthy Grieving Process | 5 Stages of Grief

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence
Facts About Domestic Violence

Emergency Responder Procedures
When Death Occurs: Coroner Procedures
Key Police Procedures After a Homicide

 Fire Loss
Coping With The Loss of a Pet
After a Fire 

Mental Health Resources
Mental Health Resource Directory

Handbook for Survivors of Suicide
After a Suicide: Do's and Don'ts
Suggestions For Survivors of Suicide
Suggestions for Helping Children Cope with Suicide
Suggestions for Coping with Suicide as a Family

Violent Crimes
Dealing With the Media: Victim's Rights
Rape: How Family and Friends-Can Help the Victim
Rape: Reactions of the Victim

Workplace Loss
Helping Employees React After A Traumatic Event
Dealing With Tragedy in the Workplace
When Tragedy Strikes in the Workplace-Guidelines For Managers

Links to Additional Local Sites

Friends for Survival
Support group / resources for those whose loved ones died from suicide.

The Compassionate Friends
Support group / resources for those whose children / siblings have died from any cause.

Links to National Sites
Support services for people who have been the cause of a true automobile accident that resulted in another person's injury or death
A place where men and women can discuss, share, understand and honor many different paths to healing.
A large site from Ontario, Canada for grieving families
Assisting families in the positive resolution of grief following the death of a child providing information to help others be supportive
A place for resources and support to help those in the grief process
Provides state by state directories of survivor support groups for families and friends of someone who completed suicide.
A list of resources and other places to help deal with this type of tragic loss.
National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children
For seniors who have lost a loved one and are widowed
The action program for moving beyond loss.
Support for the loss of a pet and a place for memorials and tributes.
The Shiva Foundation ... Honors loss in the cycle of life
Lighting the candle of hope
Survivors of Violent Loss Program 10 week group sessions for all family members
Organ Donor Information
Domestic Violence safety Brochure from the American Bar Association Resources and Support for survivors of trauma
The Jewish Healing Center. Bereavement support available to people of all faiths. The Jewish Healing Center
A support group for friends and family who had had a loved one die due to an overdose.