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6 Great Ways to Help Support TIP

#1 Volunteer Academy $1000

TIP AcademyAll Citizens must attend the 55 hr Academy to become TIP Volunteers. You will help us fund this academy.

You will be listed as the "Training Academy Sponsor" on the front of the training manuals, and TIP Staff will announce your sponsorship at the beginning of the academy.

#2  Adopt a Volunteer $100 for one year 

Adopt a VolunteerYou will help fund the equipment and the ongoing training of a TIP Volunteer.

You will help fund the equipment and ongoing training of a TIP Volunteer.

#3 Volunteer Badges $50 buys 5

TIP Name tagsYou will help us supply TIP Volunteers with name tags which identifies them to emergency responders on scene.

Your name will be listed as a "Badge Sponsor" on the TIP Website and social media.

#4 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner $250

Volunteer AppreciationTIP recognizes TIP Volunteers annually. You will help us provide food and gifts for volunteers at this appreciation event.

You will be listed on the event program as the "Sponsor" and will be given verbal recognition at the event.

#5 Sponsor the Website $500 for one year.

TIP Web SiteYou will help us maintain and update the TIP website which provides helpful information to survivors of tragedy.

Your name will be prominently displayed on the TIP website as the "Website Sponsor".

#6 Communication Equipment for TIP Dispatchers
$250 for one year

TIP DispatchYou will help us purchase communications equipment to which TIP dispatchers utilize to dispatch TIP Volunteers.

You will be recognized as the "Communications Sponsor" on the TIP website and on social media.

6 Ways to Help
Donate to TIP

8 Ways to Donate

Download and complete the
6 Ways to Donate form then mail to:
TIP of Merrimack Valley
PO Box 1924
Andover, Massachusetts 01810